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10th January 2015

IdentifyMobile Launch Mobile Identity Service

10th January, 2015

IdentityMobile launches a new innovative service to enable app developers to identity the mobile phone number of a subscriber from within a mobile app.

Getting the mobile phone number of a subscriber is a key requirement for mobile app developers. This may be in order to implement robust security – avoiding spam from mobile emulators – or to link a mobile phone number with a subscriber account in order to streamline the user experience when logging in.

Until now verifying the mobile phone number has typically involved sending a PIN via SMS to a number supplied by the user. IdentifyMobile has discovered that a developers will need to send the PIN on average 2-3 times before the subscriber successfully enters the PIN. This is costly in terms of SMS delivery and lost users.

IdentifyMobile offers a unique solution this problem by using device information to request the corresponding mobile number from the mobile operator of the subscriber. IdentifyMobile uses it signalling relationships with mobile operators to achieve this so the service works whether the user is on wifi or a mobile data connection.

The service is transparent to the mobile users thus removing friction form the sign up process.

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