Mobile Insight

Enhance transaction security by using accurate real time mobile data to make informed decisions about your customer.

With the prevalence of mobile devices throughout our world today, subscriber information contained within the mobile networks provides a new and robust weapon in fraud prevention– whether for online or mobile access to financial transactions, social networks, digital goods and services.

IdentifyMobile provides accurate real time mobile subscriber data that you can use to make informed decisions about your customer.

High risk transactions can be flagged in real time by considering risk factors such as whether a supplied mobile number is valid and reachable, the location of the mobile device at the time of the transaction and whether the phone has been permanently forwarded.

Access to real time subscriber data also enables you to tailor your communication to your customers by eg recognising if the phone can receive SMS messages and by recognising if the subscriber is roaming.

Offered as a cloud service with an easy to use REST API, this requires no specific hardware or client software to be deployed.

Mobile Insight service will provide the following information relating to a mobile number:

  • Mobile operator
  • Country
  • If the number is valid
  • If the number is currently reachable
  • Whether the subscriber is currently roaming internationally
  • Subscribers current location (country)
  • IMSI associated with device

  • Fraud Provention icon

    Fraud Provention

    In the financial and security sector, checking a customer’s location and identity offers a secure solution for preventing fraud and strengthening authentication procedures. Identifying that a mobile number supplied by a subscriber is invalid prevents registrations to be completed with invalid information.

  • Optimise Customer Communication icon

    Optimise Customer Communication

    Recognising when a customer is reachable ensures that time critical information is only sent to a subscriber when they are likely to able to receive the information. This will enhance customer communication and service. Recognising also that a consumer is roaming also enables you to avoid communication mechanisms that may be costly to the end user while roaming.

  • Reduce Costs icon

    Reduce Costs

    By identifying the correct network, the costs of customer communication via SMS can be optimised to ensure that the most cost effective routes are used to send messages to the consumer. Also avoids unnecessary costs in attempting to send SMS to invalid mobile numbers.