2-Factor Authentication

Identity theft and associated fraud are becoming an increasing challenge that on-businesses must address. Your customers want the freedom to to log-in, to transact, and to use their on-line services whenever and wherever they are, without compromising the security of their personal information.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA), provides an extra layer of security that requires – in addition to password and username – something that only the user knows. Using a username and password together with a piece of information that only the user knows makes it much harder for a third party to gain access and steal that user’s personal data or identity.
IdentifyMobile enable you to easily deploy 2-factor authentication via SMS, leveraging the convenience of your customers mobile phone as a transaction authentication channel.

At the point of authentication in your application, your customer is asked to supply their mobile number (or you may already have their mobile number stored as a security channel). IdentifyMobile checks that the number supplied is valid and reachable and sends a security code via SMS to the number supplied. Your customer then enters the code to complete the transaction. You can specify the length of the code to be sent to the device as well as the period of time the code should remain valid. When the customer enters the the code IdentifyMobile will verify that the code is valid.

  • Enhance Security Against Fraud icon

    Enhance Security Against Fraud

    Ensure that the right person gains access to secured applications. SMS 2-factor authentication is a highly effective tool for increasing security in a cost effective, measurable and scalable way.

    • Gain consumer trust and reduce cost icon

      Gain consumer trust and reduce cost

      Protecting your users personal data increases their confidence in your applications and services. Not only does this increase engagement, but it also helps reduce customer service and call centre costs.

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      Simple to Deploy

      SMS is a simple, popular and user-friendly communications channel. Using SMS to transmit security codes means your customer receive information in a timely and convenient manner and in a format they are familiar with.

    Powerful, Reliable, Scalable


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      Global Reach

      Through our operator relationships we can reach 5Bn mobile subscribers worldwide.

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      Encrypted communications and private key hashing ensures data authentication and integrity.

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      Increased Conversions – Higher Revenues

      The platform also supports voice delivery of PIN codes.

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      Designed for Developers

      The service is accessed by an easy to implement REST api.

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